Dare to inspire…

Have you invested heavily in the web – and no new business?

Having a web presence in this age and time is simply apart of business. But having a web site is not enough. Placing an ad in a magazine is not enough. A commercial is not enough – BUT if you combine them all into an avenue to communicate with your customers and prospective customers leading them to your website you have ventured into content marketing. Not selling – not advertising alone – but informing and guiding. Let us walk that journey with you and create relevant and valuable content with the intention of changing or enhancing your customers behavior.

Have you invested heavily in technical changes – and although the technical changes were successful – business processes have not improved?

If you are making changes in your organization and need to implement new technology in order for success your employees have to participate and embrace the change. Do you have a communications plan that is proactive and involves all key players at the beginning? Do your employees understand and recognize the need for the change? Are they all onboard? Have you explained to them what is in it for them? Is there success without their buy-in to the change?

Integrated Marketing & Change Management Professional

As an integrated marketing and change management professional, with over 15 years of experience, I offer a combination of management, strategic planning development, and communications skills with a working knowledge of enterprise-level web-based applications including content management systems and customer relationship management tools.

I have developed and implemented integrated marketing plans that span traditional and online venues. I am well versed in content development for traditional, multimedia and social media channels and have directed all phases of both the technical and creative elements of online initiatives including web site design and development, web collateral development, online lead marketing generation, digital publications, email marketing and social media.

As a project manager I have been responsible for developing and maintaining an open dialogue between technical and business departments. I have conducted requirements gathering meeting, written surveys, and created an overall communications plan to keep all parties informed. I have developed training material, conducted training sessions, and managed the transition from one application to another for over 150 employees.

Experienced Project Manager

Content Management Systems: WordPress, Drupal

Web: development and implementation of websites, social media and email marketing

Software: adobe creative suite, microsoft office suite